Portfolio Operations

Trade Execution

Trade Execution

Maintain control over your investment model, but outsource the trade execution.

  • Access our team of full-time traders and robust trading software to meet all your trading needs.
  • From security swaps, tax loss harvesting, block trading, and other trading needs, the Gallacher Advisor Platform (GAP)’s trading services allows you to reduce costs and take back control of your time.
  • Full-service Trading Desk
    • Advisor as PM Trading (execution of platform models or advisor-driven models)
    • All Cashiering & Money Movements (incl. custom cash movement)
    • Custom (and algorithmic) Tax-Gain/Loss Harvesting
    • Tax Optimization Overlay (incl. custom unrealized gain transitions to  target model)
    • Rebalancing Accounts (pre-set by request)
    • Portfolio Consulting


GALLACHER EQUITY MANAGEMENT, LLC offers investment services globally for endowments, pensions, foundations, funds of funds, private banks and high net worth individuals. GALLACHER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC offers multi-family office services for legacy families, business owners, medical professionals, corporate executives and high net worth individuals. GALLACHER continues to grow with offices in Denver, Colorado & Phoenix, Arizona.

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