Portfolio Management Process

Identify Inefficiencies (Portfolio Audit)

Identify Inefficiencies (Portfolio Audit)

  • Average advisor portfolios are often full of overlap, high levels of fees, and excessive turnover.
    • Most mutual funds hold well over 100 securities, and most portfolios contain over 10 mutual funds. In the end, advisor portfolios end up as expensive index funds owning the broad market.
  • Provide us with your models, and we will identify ways in which portfolios can be enhanced.
Collaborate & Refine (Portfolio Construction)

Collaborate & Refine (Portfolio Construction)

  • Our portfolio consulting service will audit your current model, identifying potential opportunities to enhance risk-adjusted returns, reduce costs, and enhance your client’s investment experience.
  • Leverage Gallacher’s team of investment professionals made up of CFA Charterholders and Certified Financial Planners to build custom investment models.
  • Together we will identify unknown centers of risk – including excessive concentration in single securities and sectors and potential capital gain distribution pitfalls.
  • Importantly, we will identify how to reduce these risks and enhance potential returns at a lower cost to the client.
Execution & Implementation

Execution & Implementation

  • After collaboration, allow Gallacher’s team to implement on your behalf. Gallacher’s OCIO will place trades, putting your enhanced model into action.
  • Remove the stress of daily portfolio operations – systematic withdrawals, money movements, rebalancing, and tax loss harvesting are all included in our trade execution services.
  • Beyond trade execution and other portfolio operations, Gallacher provides continued consulting through:
    • Market Research
    • Turnkey Allocation Models
    • Custom Portfolio Builds (incl. custom fixed income portfolio management)
    • Alternatives Platform
    • Curated, vetted money manager selection
    • Custom Research Mandates
    • IPS Consulting (incl. ongoing porfolio consulting)
    • Joint Client-facing Market Calls