Direct Indexing

Direct Indexing

Unlock the Future of Investing with Direct Indexing using GEM’s Tax-Smart SMAs

Direct Indexing allows investors to re-create the characteristics of an underlying index without direct exposure. Direct Indexing allows for greater tax efficiency, increased flexibility and transparency, all while providing market-like risk and returns. Direct Indexing is in an innovative way to invest in the broad market, while still providing the advantages of single-stock investments.

Direct indexing is expected to revolutionize personalized investing and Gallacher Equity Management is at the forefront of this transformational shift. Direct indexing can help:

  • Lower client’s tax bills through active management.
  • Customize portfolios to meet unique client needs.
  • Differentiate your practice and save time

Custom SMAs

  • With the introduction of no-cost trading across many major custodians, the world of Direct Indexing and individual security SMAs has been opened to the high net-worth investor. Direct Indexing allows advisors and clients to express their own economic views across any index.
    • Does your client have an eye for ESG? Apply an ESG filter to the S&P 500.
    • Is your client looking for a high dividend yield portfolio? Build a custom Russell 3000 index with an income focus.
  • If your client desires broad exposure to the markets, utilize GEM’s own quantitative factor suite.
    • GEM Factor Portfolios are designed to provide advisors off the rack, global, diverse stock portfolios.
    • GEM Factor Strategies are systematic and data-centric, designed to focus on company attributes that have historically led to outperformance.
  • SMA portfolio provides a cost-efficient, custom way for clients to invest.
    • Beyond cost benefits, individual security selection allows for efficiency in taxes, avoiding unnecessary capital gains.
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The GEM Factor Strategies, at their core, are systematic and data-centric, designed to focus on company attributes that have historically led to outperformance. Every quarter, GEM analyzes and ranks thousands of companies based on a multi-factor screening process. These applied quantitative methods are utilized to help advisors shape global, diverse stock portfolios, fine tuned to align with client-specific goals.



A quantitative, process driven strategy with a focus on high-dividend yield.

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GEM<br/>All-Cap Blend

All-Cap Blend

All encompassing - invests across the value/growth and size spectrum.

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GEM <br/>All-Cap Growth

All-Cap Growth

Invests in companies of all sizes exhibiting strong growth characteristics.

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GEM <br/>Smid Growth

Smid Growth

A factor approach to investing in small/mid size companies, exhibiting strong growth.

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GEM<br/>Large Growth

Large Growth

A quantitative process focused on investing in large companies displaying strong growth.

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GEM <br/>International


A scientific methodology investing across foreign developed and emerging markets.

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Example of replicating an index

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