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Discover the future of investment management with Gallacher Equity Management, where we utilize a blend of traditional and cutting-edge investment strategies to help safeguard and amplify your wealth. Our comprehensive OCIO services (versatile OCIO services or our resilient portfolio collection), are designed to free you from operational complexities, allowing you to focus on building client relationships and business growth. 

Experience GEM's data-driven, customizable approach to outperform the market and help transform your financial future.

OCIO Services
Portfolio Management Services

Regardless Of the Model you choose - we can execute on your behalf

With the number of demands on an advisors’ time, many are looking externally for:

  • Assistance on portfolio management
  • Access to individual stock & manager research
  • Trading and database management (with other day-to-day operations).

The Gallacher’s OCIO services allow you to expand your team, freeing you to build existing client relationships and garner new business. Under your direction, we can be active in adapting portfolios to the ever-shifting market environment, including new opportunities or perceived market threats. From manager research, account allocation, and implementation, every step of the investment process can be enhanced by the OCIO platform.

Lean on GEM to scale, save time, and grow your business.

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GEM Portfolio Collection


Gallacher Equity Management's (GEM) investment methodology is pivotal in amplifying and safeguarding client wealth. GEM advocates for versatile solutions spanning public and private markets, demonstrating resilience even in tumultuous periods. Liquid stock/bond strategies in combination with alternative investment management, make for high-caliber, diversified portfolios.

Trade Execution

Trade Execution

Portfolio Operations

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Mutual Fund | ETF<br data-mce-bogus="1">Portfolio Construction

Mutual Fund | ETF
Portfolio Construction

Third Party


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Direct Indexing Factor <strong>SMAs</strong>

Direct Indexing Factor SMAs

Direct &


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The Gallacher Process

The GEM Factor Strategies, at their core, are systematic and data-centric, designed to focus on company attributes that have historically led to outperformance.

Every quarter, GEM analyzes and ranks thousands of companies based on a multi-factor screening process.

These applied quantitative methods are utilized to help advisors shape global, diverse stock portfolios, fine tuned to align with client-specific goals.

Although GEM prioritizes liquid stock strategies, it melds this with bespoke, high-caliber alternative investment management. Alternatives offer an additional pathway to enhance returns. The unique features of private markets can increase overall income, amplify growth, and reduce correlation with public markets.

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Market Outlooks

Market commentary for a financially savvier you.

Q2 Outlook<br/><sup>2024</sup>

Q2 Outlook

The first quarter was an excellent one for stocks. The S&P 500 index rode a resilient U.S. economy, rising corporate profits, and anticipation of...

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2024 Outlook<br/><sup>2024</sup>

2024 Outlook

As 2023 drew to a close, the U.S. stock and bond markets showcased remarkable resilience, overturning the cautious predictions of many financial...

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Q4 Outlook<br/><sup>2023</sup>

Q4 Outlook

Volatility returned to markets in the third quarter, as inflation remained elevated and long-term interest rates climbed further, reaching their highest level since...

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Mid-Year Outlook<sup><br data-mce-bogus="1"></sup><sup>2023</sup>

Mid-Year Outlook

The US economy showed remarkable resilience in the first half of 2023 despite facing significant challenges, including the...

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